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Brickwork in Windsor
Why Brick is Still the Leading Choice Among New Home Builders and Bricklayers

Over the years, building materials and architectural preferences have developed massively. Now, it is common to see contemporary builds which heavily use wood, metal and composite materials. However, brick is still the go-to material for new homes and commercial properties, and you will see bricklayers on most construction sites. If you are wondering why you should choose brick for your project, we hope the below benefits will make your decision clear. As experienced brickwork contractors, we know everything brick has to offer.

Furthermore, as masonry contractors and new home builders providing a range of expert services in High Wycombe, Windsor and the surrounding areas we cover, our team can ensure you enjoy all this material’s advantages.

Timeless Aesthetic

A key reason brick has remained popular for so long is its visual appeal. When designed and constructed by skilled bricklayers, brickwork results in attractive properties with high kerb appeal. What’s more, the timeless aesthetic of brick means it never goes out of fashion.

Flexibility in Design and Construction

Leading on from the above point, brick also offers incredible flexibility. Skilled brickwork contractors can utilise bricks in various sizes, styles, textures, colours and finishes to create stunning properties and structures in an endless array of designs.

Furthermore, new home builders will tell you how adaptable bricks are to different construction requirements in Windsor and across the Thames Valley. They are suitable for any setting and structures of any size. They are also easy for masonry contractors to cut to specification and can be used to form arches and curves as well as straight profiles.

Reliability and Safety

Brick is a tried-and-tested building material which has been widely used for centuries. When you hire reputable bricklayers, you can be sure of optimal strength, stability and durability. Clay bricks can withstand temperature and weather shifts which are so abundant in the UK. They are also resistant to damp and do not need much maintenance.

In addition, brick masonry is fire resistant, helping slow the spread of fire. Our brickwork contractors can ensure you also enjoy superior sound insulation and thermal performance.

Other Benefits

The above are just a few of the benefits our masonry contractors and new home builders can provide customers in Windsor and the surrounding areas. Other advantages of brick include:

  • Brick is a material accepted and understood by designers, builders, lenders and insurers

  • Bricks are widely and readily available and are often manufactured or sourced locally

  • Brick buildings are easy to modify and extend

  • At the end of a structure’s lifespan, bricks are recyclable

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