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Brickwork in Oxford | Types of Retaining Walls our Bricklayers
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Skilled bricklayers can build retaining walls to suit a broad range of projects and site conditions. They are used to maximise sloping sites, provide additional support and form walls for things like basements and underground car parks. The masonry contractors at K Johnson Brickwork Limited construct various retaining walls for projects in High Wycombe, Oxford and the surrounding areas. Formed in 1983, our company has the experience to meet all requirements.

Whether you just need brickwork contractors for a retaining wall or new home builders for a full turnkey service, we are ready to work with you, providing all the advice and solutions necessary for project success and your complete satisfaction.

Here are the types of retaining walls we create:

Detached House - Northwood
Concrete Cantilever Retaining Walls

Cantilever walls have a foundation which is shaped like an L or upside-down T, with the foot of the L or cross of the T located underground. We use reinforced concrete for these walls. With this style, the vertical stress behind the wall is transferred to the foundation to prevent toppling.

Our masonry contractors in Oxford recommend cantilever walls for smaller sites because they take up less space than other options. Brickwork contractors and new home builders can provide cantilever walls for retained heights up to 5m.

Counterfort/ Buttress Retaining Walls

These are a type of cantilever wall, but they have counterforts, or buttresses, attached to the inside face. This helps resist lateral thrust. Our bricklayers construct strong and durable brick buttresses which enhance the overall performance of the wall.

Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls

Also called mechanically stabilised earth walls, these retaining walls use a reinforced bank of soil as the retaining structure. These banks consist of layers of earth with a geogrid between each layer. Geogrids reinforce the soil and improve its load-bearing capacity as well as resistance to differential settlement.

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Choosing the right retaining wall

The masonry contractors and new home builders at K Johnson Brickwork Limited can help determine the right retaining wall for your needs. As established bricklayers, we have experience building retaining walls for a diverse range of projects in Oxford and across the Thames Valley, covering residential and commercial applications.

The main factors our brickwork contractors consider which influence the design of retaining walls are:

  • Aesthetics – How visible will the wall be? Will certain materials look out of place or                                  certain designs be too imposing?
  • Durability – How long does the structure need to last? Design and materials need                                to support the required lifespan, with a suitable level of inspection and                                maintenance
  • Footprint – How much space is available for the structure? There may be a practical                                or economic benefit to minimising the footprint of the wall
  • Soil Type – Soil conditions influence the appropriate type of foundation

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