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Brickwork in Maidenhead | Reasons to Choose Brick For Building Projects
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At K Johnson Brickwork Limited, our brickwork contractors, new home builders and masonry contractors provide specialist brickwork services to customers in Maidenhead and the surrounding areas we cover. Our bricklayers work with brick for numerous reasons. From its resilience and design flexibility to its fireproof and low-maintenance nature, brick is a superior building material.

Here, we look at the reasons to choose brickwork for new builds, renovations and additional services. The benefits of using brick include:

  • Resilience

  • Low-Maintenance

  • Fireproof

  • Design Flexibility

  • Noise Cancelling

  • Durability


Bricks are weather-resistant, age-proof and can withstand even the harshest conditions. No matter your mean living environment or the most extreme ends of the weather spectrum, bricks are the perfect choice. They are also termite-resistant, and if you construct your home on a concrete slab with a steel roof frame, your entire home will be termite-resistant.


Unlike other materials, bricks don’t require varnishing, coating or painting to keep their aesthetic appeal and durability. The quality bricks our bricklayers, brickwork contractors and new home builders use are essentially maintenance-free and will last a long time.

Our masonry contractors work closely with customers in Maidenhead and the surrounding areas to create your ideal brick structures.


Bricks are fireproof, so they help increase the safety of all types of properties and constructions. They can’t solely fireproof a structure, but bricks ensure a strong foundation and help protect you, your family, your belongings and your investment.

Design Flexibility

Bricks come in various styles so that we can offer options for all building projects. They provide exceptional design flexibility, which means we can deliver your ideal aesthetic and adhere to the requirements of your local authority department. Whether you want a contemporary build, to create a seamless work/living space or to uphold the rustic charm of your property, we have a solution for everyone.

Our experts are happy to advise you on the variety of colour and finish options we offer to help you make the most of your structure.

Noise Cancelling

Bricks act as a sound barrier, which means they can improve the soundproof properties of buildings. Whether you want to block noise between the rooms in a house or the inside of a home from the sounds of the outdoors, brick will help reduce unwanted sounds. Our quality bricks will help create a more peaceful living environment or a more focused work set-up.


Bricks are extremely long-lasting, so they are a good investment for all types of clients in Maidenhead and the surrounding areas. Once our specialist bricklayers, masonry contractors and new home builders construct your structure, it will remain weatherproof and age-proof without much upkeep.

Our brickwork contractors are happy to answer any questions about the specialist services we provide.

For brickwork contractors in Maidenhead and the surrounding areas, please call 07885 883126 or 01494 482878.

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