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The Construction Process

Traditional brick and mortar construction remains the preferred choice for new builds across the UK. If you have chosen to use bricks and blocks for your project, is it only right you know what to expect from the construction process. For this reason, our brickwork contractors in High Wycombe have produced this guide. Operating as bricklayers, masonry contractors and new home builders, the team a K Johnson knows everything there is to know about brick and block work as well as the whole build process for new properties.

Although bricks have been used in construction for centuries, modern developments in build processes ensure this continues to be a sound option for 21st century properties. With the help of our highly skilled contractors, you enjoy enhanced structural integrity, moisture protection and thermal efficiency.

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Construction of Property Walls

In a new build project, the construction of brick walls follows groundworks and foundations. Forming part of our team of new home builders, our masonry contractors build external masonry walls. These consist of an inner leaf of concrete blocks and an outer wall of bricks.

The inner leaf is the main structural element which supports internal floors and the roof. The outer brick wall acts as the first line of defence against the weather. It also provides an attractive appearance. Our brickwork contractors in High Wycombe and the surrounding areas can create a range of designs and finishes to achieve your desired look.

The inner leaf and outer wall are connected by steel wall ties, with a cavity between them. This cavity can be fully or partially filled with insulation.

Our bricklayers also build internal brick walls. These consist of a single skin of brickwork and can either be load bearing or non-load bearing.

Construction of New Homes

As new home builders, we do not just construct the walls for your new build, although we can provide this singular service. We offer a specialist solution which covers everything from planning to completion.

Of course, new builds start with design, planning, drawings and approvals. Once everything is in order, our bricklayers can begin the construction process. Our customers in High Wycombe and the surrounding areas can expect the following general process:

  • Groundworks and site preparation, including sub-surface utilities/connections.
  • Footings and foundations.
  • Construction of walls, completed by our in-house brickwork contractors, and roofing.
  • Installation of pipework, plumbing, heating and electrical systems before fixing plasterboard to internal walls.
  • Installation of fixtures and finishes such as the kitchen, bathroom, cupboards, appliances, light switches, sockets and flooring.

Internal works are completed by subcontractors, including plumbing, heating and electrical work.

If you require, our masonry contractors can even provide quality architectural flintwork.

Detached House - Northwood

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