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Signs You Need Brickwork Repairs

Maintaining brick is vital if you want to protect your property from serious water and structural damage. Over time, masonry deteriorates due to factors such as weather and plants. While this is expected, failure to act when necessary can result in a host of expensive issues. However, the brickwork contractors at K Johnson are here to help you take care of your property. Below, we explain key signs which indicate the need for masonry repairs. If you notice any problems with your brickwork, or have any concerns, you can call our masonry contractors for advice and renovations.

Based near High Wycombe, our team of bricklayers and new home builders covers Aylesbury and all the surrounding areas. We work with building contractors on a wide range of projects, including restorations, and are happy to assist with your residential or commercial job.

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Missing or Deteriorating Mortar

Damage is most likely to occur to mortar rather than the bricks because it is softer. When walls are constructed by experienced new home builders, mortar should need repointing every 15-20 years however, it may need repair sooner depending on factors such as level of exposure. You should call our brickwork contractors for repointing services if you notice cracks or gaps in the mortar, or missing or loose mortar.

Bulging, Bowed or Cracked Bricks

You will also need the services of a skilled masonry contractor if you notice a change or damage to brickwork. Issues we advise property owners in Aylesbury look for include:

  • Bulging/Bowing Bricks – When moisture seeps behind bricks, it can push or pull them, causing them to bulge or swell
  • Cracked Bricks – Not all cracks are serious, but it is important to get our bricklayers to check to ensure there is no structural damage
Interior Property Damage

Get in touch with our brickwork contractors if there are signs of water ingress or damage inside your property. Common issues caused by a problem with brick walls include moisture build-up, mould, water marks, deformed windows, cracked plaster and draughts.

Preventing Damage

As customer-focused masonry contractors, we can advise on the best ways to care for masonry, helping property owners in the Aylesbury area avoid potentially serious problems.

For example:

  • When constructing a new property, ensure new home builders have plenty of experience to build brick walls properly and to the expected standard
  • Remove invasive plants from brick and stone work
  • Check masonry regularly and arrange repairs as soon as possible
  • Hire reputable bricklayers, such as the team at K Johnson, for any installations, repairs and maintenance to ensure the work is done correctly

When you need a masonry contractor in Aylesbury or anywhere in the Thames Valley, call 07885 883126 or 01494 482878.



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